Sunday, August 12, 2007

Another workshop comes to a close...

... and I just turned in my final project, 10 poems stapled together, in some particular order (at least that is the intention.)
As an afterthought, I found a photo I took on my phone and played around with Gimp (open source version of Photoshop, and just as fun to use as a verb; e.g. "yeah, I Gimped it") but as an after-afterthought, I probably should have played around some more. But, hey, my brother's the artist in the family.

Now I've just got one more core course and one more elective to go before the thesis. I'd be happy to take a fourth workshop as an elective, if one is offered. We'll see. The downside to my upcoming much-needed vaykay "abroad" is that it will eat into tuition funds, possibly delaying my finish date. The upside is that it should provide plenty o' inspiration.

Speaking of the particular poetic possibilities* of late summer, (*too much alliteration, I know ;) have yourself a happy epagomenal season!