Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Mirth

Yesterday my copy of the new Tiger's Eye arrived containing my poems "Sunday Blue" and "Mountain Bird."  Beautiful issue with some really nice stuff, from what I've read so far.  Looking forward to reading more tonight.

In other news, so glad it's March.  I just realized that March is possibly my favorite month.  It's not that I enjoy the weather and landscape of this end of the month -- the snow's usually gone and not much is left but the accumulated dreary -- but I do like the sweet anticipation of April.

By the time April actually hits, the daffodils in front of our house have shot up, the cherry blossoms are out in full force downtown and so Spring in D.C. has essentially hit its peak, always leaving me feeling that I've missed something.

On this side of the month, it's all about the waiting.  All the good parts of the year, while not here quite yet, are swiftly on their way, and that always gets me to feeling giddy, yet still somewhat serene, because we're not there yet.  There's still time to be reflective.  Maybe this time of year has even prompted a few (mostly harmless) bouts of hypomania some years, but I'm no psychologist, so we'll just call them "happy spells."  And wish a happy March to you.

Update:  Less than an hour after posting this, I learned that the new issue of The Medulla Review had launched, featuring three poems of mine.  Read the whole awesome issue here, or my poems here.  March is coming in mirthfully indeed.