Saturday, March 1, 2014


I'm not sure how I missed this very lovely, thoughtful review of my chapbook in Prick of the Spindle that appeared in their previous issue from September.  It was written by Jen Dempsey, who is currently teaching English in South Korea.

The Winter/Spring issue of Melusine launched this past Sunday, which I am very happy about.  Besides the fact that I am proud of the issue, I'm also glad to be free to think about other things literary and non-literary.  Well, mostly non-literary.  Baby #2 is due in just a little over two weeks, which is kind of crazy.  For the longest time, it seemed as if I still had six months to prepare, mentally and otherwise.  I hope Baby #1 handles the company OK.  It will be pretty exciting for us to meet the baby boy, obviously; I hope his big sister will feel the same.  I think she will, at least in time.  She is a loving little girl, and there is plenty of love to go around these days... For now, I'm enjoying the hours spent, just the two of us.

I have a personal/writer's website in the works that is almost ready to launch, actually, and has been ready for a while, pending some finishing touches.  But, as with a lot of things, the next month or two won't be the time to put finishing touches on things, and so things will have to wait a bit longer.

In the meantime, maybe I will make some room on this here blog to compile links to the chapbook's reviews... It was released in 2011, but it's cool to think people are still reading it, and I'd love to expand its readership by another reader or two, despite my lack of finesse in the area of self-promotion.  I have one other literary project planned for the next week, but I'll see if I can manage both.  Then, of course, I might want to consider actually writing a new poem again.  There's an idea, huh?  I wrote more than I thought I would in A.'s first year, less so since the new pregnancy.  I definitely won't be doing NaPoWriMo this April, technically speaking, but, hey, if I can write just one poem all month, I'll consider that a modest success.  Maybe in May, I could try for two.