Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Blogging Time

I'm probably going to be transitioning this blog into more of a basic writerly website with bio info and links to poems and reviews and stuff.  It would be neater and more useful for anyone who's interested in what's up with me or my writing.  And there will be no inevitable sense of failure when I remember how long it's been since I've last posted!

But, again, using my two toddlers as an excuse, finding time is oh so difficult sometimes.  Most of the time.  I could blog about what I really think about time (that it's not really a thing, actually, anyway, and not really the enemy I make it out to be.)  But I don't have the time!  Har har har.

Anyway, here are two newsbits:

Two new poems up since last month at Ginosko:  

One of these poems is very personal and both are ones I'm glad to see out there.  Many thanks to this journal that publishes thoughtful poetry and occupies a much-needed niche.

Secondly, Melusine's 13th issue just launched on Sunday!  This one took a while to get together, but I like it a lot.

Well, my daughter, the older toddler, is up from her nap.  No more blogging for now.  I #amwriting, though.  And bettering the manuscript.  And sending it out.  Need to send out some more poems soon; they're ready and waiting for me to sort through the list of awesome new journals that I've only just recently discovered thanks to people who keep up with lit stuff much better than I do.  Sending out a (small) boatload of submissions is the next thing on the list, actually, for as soon as there's more time...