Friday, July 20, 2007

Second publication credit

I was born in July, and this is my lucky month, apparently.

These three poems appeared just this Tuesday in Wicked Alice, another one of my favorite lit zines, especially for its focus on poetry by and/or about women and its wonderful grrrly edge.

And the editor, Kristy Bowen, is an amazing poet in her own right. I just finished reading The Fever Almanac, which I highly recommend. The poems are tight and polished, yet evocative, and the voice is spot-on consistent.

I have a few more things out there waiting on answers, but I need to send out another batch or two. It's always easier when I'm not taking a workshop simultaneously, but that's no excuse, I know...

First publication credit...

... well, for all practical purposes. I published a few scattered poems as an undergraduate in my early 20's, under a pseudonym. One even one third place in The Ledge's annual contest. (I kind of wish I hadn't been using the pseudonym for that one ;) But then life got a little ahead of me, and I had to run and catch up for a decade or so. Glad I did, or I'd probably have less to write about now.

Inclement appeared the first of this month in the July/August 2007 issue of Eclectica.

I was so jazzed to see how perfectly they fit the underwater sea photography theme of the featured artwork with the poem's winter setting. The design was so lovely, I almost forgot to read the poem. But then, I'm already fairly well acquainted with it at this point ;)