Monday, September 13, 2010

New Poem in Spilt Milk Mag

I've been having the best afternoon... Well, the weather's been lovely for one thing, and although a trip to the oral surgeon for an x-ray would not be considered a usual cause for joy, it got me out of work early, and I heard some good news about my wisdom teeth (they still need to come out, most of them, but the awesome surgeon scheduled my teeth-yanking procedure on precisely the day I wanted/needed... how often does that happen?)
But a more plausible source of my great mood is Spilt Milk Mag's notice that their new issue is up with my poem in it.
I was going to pick up an iced latte at the drive-through window, but I was afraid the caffeine would send me over the edge of giddiness.  Not normally a concern of mine, believe me!