Sunday, March 15, 2009

New poem in elimae

It's been another good month (dreary weather aside.)
I hope you'll check out my poem, Curtain, in the March issue of elimae. Yes, I'm very excited to see it there, especially because this poem marked a slight shift in my style, and seeing it published confirms that I might be going in the right direction.

I was also very excited to receive a copy of the first print chapbook of work published in Lines + Stars, and see my poem, published online in the fall of 2007, on the first page. The first print run was a small one, but more copies will be available soon, and I hope to stock up.

And now I'm looking forward to Melusine's launch, of course, and the start of National Poetry Month (preferably in that order...)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Most of my favorite journals are online these days, and one of the very best is the long-running lit mag (13 years is worth decades in Web years) elimae. I so very much wanted to be published in that mag, so imagine my joy when I got the news this weekend that one of my poems will be appearing there in just two short weeks. A poet's life is full of delayed gratification, so having only a fortnight's wait is actually quite a treat.
In other news, working to get Melusine out by the end of the month. Will post the new link here once it's ready for prime time.