Sunday, October 10, 2010

Poem accepted in decomP

It seems that good news always comes on good days for me lately.  (As if I needed more incentive to aim for good days.)  So after an unseasonably chilly and drizzly week spent dealing with car repairs and other automotive crises, yesterday was a beautiful, warm October Saturday spent very pleasantly and capped off with an acceptance from decomP, a journal I feel really excited about appearing in, of a very recent poem.  It's always encouraging when a recent poem is accepted; it makes me feel like I'm not that far off-track, if at least some of what I'm doing is working.

P.S.  On the topic of work, it's occurred to me now and then that I should put more work into this blog, update it on occasions other than acceptances, publications, and Melusine-related stuff.  I used to keep other personal blogs and I've been slow about adapting this one for that use... what to say and what to spare the reader?  After all, there is Facebook, which I've been stubbornly reluctant to link up with my personal lit-world... pondering how everything fits in the scheme of things.  But more blogging-type blogging may be forthcoming... or not... still pondering.

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