Monday, November 8, 2010

Poem Accepted in Tiger's Eye

I'm having one of those happy weeks that makes up for some of the dry spells, submission news-wise.  Today I got the great news that a poem of mine will appear in Tiger's Eye.

The good news is helping me stave off a post-Daylight Savings Time autumnal mood, although I know it's coming.  Every year I have to mourn that extra hour of daylight.  I think many of the trees, particularly the cherries, are still in peak color around here, yet there is that imperceptible feeling that Fall is on its way out, and it feels like I missed the precise moment/day, or week, even, when this happened.

It's like this every year, only more so each one, where I watch the maps on the weather forecast and chart the progress of color on the trees that line the road on my way into work each day.  For a long time it seems the peak hasn't quite arrived.  I try to keep my eyes peeled for it, and then at some point, out of the blue, I realize that it's already passed.  It's the same way with Spring, again with the cherry trees.  I'm starting to understand Japanese poetry better, the older I get.

UPDATE:  Tiger's Eye later contacted me about publishing four more of my poems, (so two in their upcoming issue and three in the next) which was certainly good news.  It's just always encouraging and inspiring when an editor or reader really connects with a batch of work.

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