Monday, January 3, 2011


As a kid I made at least 20 each year.  Now I am more realistic, and just barely managed to come up with nine:
  1. Write stuff in this blog, like this, even if it's silly, because that is what a blog is for.
  2. On the other hand, take breaks (whole days, if possible!) from the Internet now and then, because sometimes I suspect I am losing touch with three-dimensional reality.  Also, the iPhone.  It's neither a wedding ring nor a medical bracelet and shouldn't be treated like either.
  3. Reach out more to friends and engage in simple kindnesses to acquaintances, even if it means risking occasional failure.
  4. Worry less about deadlines and goals in terms of how they may validate my existence and enjoy more the process of getting there.
  5. Cook food from scratch more often, or ever.
  6. Clean the house more, because doing so always makes me feel better about life in general, and besides that, I'm less likely to trip on things.  Also, be more responsible in general (although I didn't want to jinx that one by giving it its own number ;) 
  7. Learn to play the Moonlight Sonata.
  8. Read more books, and less random Internet miscellany.
  9. Write more—poetry, fiction, nonfiction.  Write better, sure.  That's always the goal.  But, especially, write more, since the one has a way of leading to the other.
Happy New Year!

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