Friday, May 31, 2013


May has been a good month, in general and literary-wise.  I finally launched the belated 10th issue of Melusine, which you can see here. It has been a long haul with this issue, but I'm really happy with it.

And earlier, a poem of mine appeared in Ghost Ocean Magazine's 12th issue.  

Writing is still happening.  Poems are still flowing.  Other people's exciting work is still being edited.  Yay for that.

And my daughter is still kind of darn cute, if I may say so.  Cute is as cute does, and she does cute, too.  She has a sweet but fearless little personality.  When she smiles with her four little teeth (and two more on the way) I can barely stand it.  She is also a budding artist, again from a very biased opinion, but I couldn't resist featuring her first two efforts (with help from daddy) in my Melusine editorial here.

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